Advertising, Marketing, Labeling
and Product Distribution

Sweeney Lev provides advice on the many issues that arise in connection with advertising, marketing, labeling and distribution of products.

We review prospective advertising for our clients to ensure compliance with regulations of the Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration and other government agencies and protection of our clients' intellectual property interests. We provide advice on claims substantiation, product testimonials and endorsements, and avoidance of false advertising and unfair practices. We assist our clients in developing legally compliant marketing and sales campaigns, such as sales incentive programs, rebates, contests and sweepstakes. In this connection, we negotiate and prepare contracts for the retention of models, photographers and other talent and coordinate efforts with advertising and public relations agents and representatives. We also provide advice on labeling and packaging requirements for products and assist with the development of guidelines and procedures that will facilitate production of uniform product labeling and packaging throughout our clients' distribution channels.

We work closely with our clients to structure business relationships, such as agreements for international and domestic product distribution, sales agencies, franchises, leasing and financing, to enable our clients to distribute their products throughout the world. We also prepare supply and contract manufacturing agreements to address our clients' ongoing business production obligations.

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